Fruits You Can Grow… Indoors?

They say that fruit is nature’s candy—so let’s get more of that candy in our lives.  One way to do so is to grow your own fruit. If you have daydreamed about growing your own fruit before but then remembered you are lacking the yard with acres of space for trees, don’t you worry. For those living in apartments or without much of a backyard, growing fruit indoors is surprisingly doable. With these plant suggestions, you’ll be happily snacking on your own homegrown fruit in no time (plus growing time)!


Calamondin Orange Tree

Picture combining a kumquat and an orange and you will end up with the calamondin orange. One perk of this fruit is that it is self-fertile and after its first two years, it will be in bloom almost year round.  You'll know that these fruits are ready when they are firm and yellow or yellow-orange. You want to use these little guys soon after you pick them from your tree. These fruits are used in similar ways as limes or lemons and can be used to make a yummy marmalade.

Strawberry Plants

Ahh, strawberries are many people's favorite fruit. Thankfully strawberries are one of the easiest plants to grow indoors! Be deliberate in choosing the ever-bearing strawberry variety if you want more than one harvest a year, which of course you do! Make sure you keep these plants by your windows and after you plant them, water them daily when they are still growing and then switch to watering them only when the top inch of the soil is dry after.

Figs Trees

Fig trees are great for two reasons: one, they self-pollinate and two, you get to choose the size your fig tree grows to. You decide the fig tree size based on how you prune your tree and what size pot you choose. With this plant, you’ll want to fertilize your tree monthly and if you want to have fruits in your first year, make sure to buy a tree that is at least two years old! With these details, go and plant your own fig tree. Soon you’ll be making your own fig bars and some fancy salads.

Dwarf Meyer Lemon Tree

One of the great things about lemon trees is that you get to enjoy them twice. You’ll enjoy the smell of lemon wafting throughout your apartment and you’ll also get to enjoy their flavor as you start cooking with your new citrus plant. Because normally lemon trees grow in sunny, more humid environments, make sure to keep your lemon tree by a window and to spray its leaves with a water in a spray bottle. These tart fruits are hardy once they are grown so you don’t need to be in a rush to pick them as soon as they are ripe.

Now you can fulfill your daydreams about picking a fresh fruit and casually eating it in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy an extra piece of fruit for me!